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Used USGI Collapsible Water Canteen / NEW Canteen Cover w Strap 2 Qt Desert Tan

Used USGI Collapsible Water Canteen / NEW Canteen Cover w Strap 2 Qt Desert Tan

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   Used USGI Collapsible Water Canteen with a Brand New Canteen Cover and Strap in the versatile 2 Qt Desert Tan - the perfect hydration solution for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and adventurers. Whether you're embarking on a rugged expedition or a casual day trip, this reliable and battle-tested canteen and cover combo ensures you stay hydrated with ease and style.



  • Trusted USGI Quality: Our Used USGI Collapsible Water Canteen is a genuine military surplus item, built to meet rigorous military standards. You can trust its durability and performance in various outdoor conditions.
  • Collapsible Design: This canteen can be easily compressed as you consume its contents, which means it won't take up much space in your pack when not in use. It's a convenient choice for those looking to optimize their loadout.
  • 2-Quart Capacity: With a generous 2-quart (64oz) capacity, this canteen provides ample water storage for longer journeys, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • Desert Tan Finish: The canteen and cover come in a classic desert tan color, blending seamlessly with your outdoor gear while giving you that authentic military look.
  • Brand New Canteen Cover with Strap: Protect your canteen from the elements and add extra convenience to your hydration setup with the included brand new canteen cover and adjustable strap. The cover is designed to snugly fit your canteen and features a handy pocket for storage, ensuring your water stays clean and easily accessible.
  • Built for Outdoor Adventures: Whether you're trekking through the wilderness, camping in the backcountry, or exploring new trails, this canteen and cover combo is your ideal companion, designed to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors.
  • Versatile Use: While originally designed for military use, this canteen and cover are adaptable for civilian adventures such as hiking, camping, hunting, and more.

Ensure your hydration needs are met without compromising on quality, durability, or style. Trust in the rugged history and quality of the USGI Collapsible Water Canteen while enjoying the added convenience and protection of a brand new canteen cover and strap.

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