About Us

Who We Are

 We are a small family-run business, driven by our values. We maintain an honest, ethical approach, and we hope that shines through to our customers. At the time of this writing, we have operated a successful eBay business for over 15 years. With over 137,000 items sold, we have maintained a 99.8% positive feedback rating there. That is very uncommon, and it's a track record that we take pride in.

We have created this website in order to offer better deals on our military surplus goods than we can afford to do on any other marketplace. Perhaps you have found yourself here after purchasing from us on another platform; However you arrived, we are so glad that you're here.


 How We're Different

You may have noticed that our catalog of products is not as exhaustive as some other military surplus stores - there is a reason for that. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not maintain a brick and mortar store with a cavernous warehouse of product. The ubiquitous main street Army/Navy store, draped in olive drab netting and filled to the brim with piles of musty uniforms does not exist in our business model. We are an online-only business.

We are also a true surplus store, in the sense that the deals we have to offer is constantly changing. We are not interested in most of the inventory that other stores use to fill their warehouse shelves. We are committed to supplying to our customers only the best examples of military surplus that we can find. We do not acquire products which do not meet our standards of quality and condition. Likewise, we do not acquire products unless we can do so while making them available to you at a price YOU will be happy with.

Everything stated above means that we reject the vast majority of military surplus. We're OK with that. It means that we're happy with what we sell. It means that our customer knows what to expect when they buy from us. And, it means that we are well-positioned to continue to offer good products to our customers at prices they appreciate, and ship their orders quickly.


A Statement of Quality

Most military surplus stores who sell online use a complex system of rankings to describe the condition of their used military goods, and they'll charge you more money for every step up the ladder. It might include several categories such as: bad, poor, fair, good, very good. excellent, like new, mint, new... blah, blah, blah. 

That's not what we do. Most of our merchandise is used military goods... and you understand that. There might be minor imperfections, scuffs, or spots. There might be a soldier's name written on the bottom - these were used by our troops. We are not interested in sorting each product into a dozen different categories based on condition and we're NOT interested in charging you a few more bucks because of some minor differences. Unless otherwise stated, every used product we sell here is at least what we would call "good" condition. 

In a few situations, we also sell products which are still very useful despite being in less than good condition. We will make it very clear in the title and description whenever this is the case.

We keep things simple. Our customers can trust that anything we sell is in "NEW", "GOOD", or "UGLY" condition, and we will always make it clear which is which.


Always Genuine

Everything we sell is genuine military issue. Sometimes, we even have military surplus goods from our NATO allies. Even then, it is always genuine military issue - not a fake copy. Also, if a product is for the U.S. military, then it is  American-made.


Always Striving to Improve

Last, but definitely not least, we are interested to hear from you, if you believe there's something we can do better. It may be early days for Homeland Surplus, but it's not early days for us caring about our customers. We've been at this for a long time now. We can and will always be improving when it comes to making our customers happy. Contact us for any reason, at any time.