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NEW USGI Vietnam Era US M6 Imperial Bayonet Combat Knife, No Scabbard

NEW USGI Vietnam Era US M6 Imperial Bayonet Combat Knife, No Scabbard

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   New Vietnam Era US M6 Imperial Bayonet Combat Knife – a historic relic brought back to life for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This authentic reproduction pays homage to the legendary M6 bayonet, a symbol of American military heritage from the Vietnam War era.

Key Features:

  • Historical Authenticity: Crafted to mirror the original M6 bayonet used by American soldiers during the Vietnam War, this combat knife is a true collector's item. Its design, materials, and specifications stay faithful to the iconic original.
  • Premium Quality: The blade is forged from rugged and durable stainless steel, designed to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Genuine Grip: The handle of the M6 Imperial Bayonet Combat Knife is made from genuine materials, offering an authentic feel and grip reminiscent of the original. It ensures a secure hold, making it suitable for display in your collection or for reenactments.
  • Collector's Piece: This bayonet is a fantastic addition to any military memorabilia collection. It's a piece of history you can hold in your hand, and it's sure to be a conversation starter among fellow collectors and history enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Display: While it doesn't come with a scabbard, this bayonet's distinctive appearance makes it an ideal display piece. Hang it on your wall, showcase it in a display case, or incorporate it into your military history exhibit.
  • Ideal Gift: The New Vietnam Era US M6 Imperial Bayonet Combat Knife makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for veterans, history buffs, or anyone with an interest in military history. It's a tangible connection to a pivotal period in American history.


 Made in the U.S.A. by the Imperial Knife Co. and is still in the original government packaging. Blade Size: 6 ¾" Overall length: 11 3/8”
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