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BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 2 Left Hand Green Tactical Leg Holster for Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1 - NEW

BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 2 Left Hand Green Tactical Leg Holster for Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1 - NEW

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BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 2 Tactical Leg Holster, specially designed for the 92/96/M9/M9A1, and expertly crafted for left-handed operators. This brand-new holster is a must-have addition to your tactical gear collection, offering unparalleled functionality and security.


Key Features:


  • Cutting-Edge Design: The BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 2 Holster is renowned for its innovative design, combining a sleek and modern aesthetic with practicality.
  • Enhanced Security: Designed with safety in mind, this holster features a Level 2 retention system, providing an extra layer of protection for your 92/96/M9/M9A1. The Auto Lock technology ensures your firearm stays securely in place until you're ready to draw.
  • Quick and Intuitive Draw: The SERPA holster's intuitive thumb release mechanism allows for a smooth and rapid draw, ensuring you're always ready for action when it counts the most.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Fit: This tactical leg holster is designed for comfort during extended wear. The adjustable straps and leg platform enable you to customize the fit to your preferences, ensuring maximum comfort and stability.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this holster is built to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. It's designed to endure extreme conditions, making it the ideal choice for law enforcement and military personnel.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The BLACKHAWK SERPA level 2 tactical leg holster offers multiple mounting options, allowing you to attach it to belts or MOLLE gear, providing versatility in how you carry your sidearm.
  • Left-Handed Configuration: Specifically tailored for left-handed shooters, this holster ensures that operators can access their Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1 with ease and efficiency.



      Whether you're a professional operator, a competitive shooter, or simply a firearms enthusiast, this holster can be an indispensable addition to your loadout. Its unmatched combination of security, durability, and comfort make it a standout choice for those who demand the best in their gear.

      Upgrade your tactical setup with this brand-new Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1 holster from BLACKHAWK and experience the confidence and reliability that comes with owning top-tier equipment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your tactical readiness.

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